Sultan Nargile entered into this sector, established by the tradition of years, in 2008 in order to introduce a complete new sense, a new style.

The aim of the young and dynamic staff is to go completely beyond the outdated design and production sense, applied in the sector under the cover of the traditional and to provide the issue the universal quality it deserves.

Sultan Nargile, who monitored that the sector has progressively lost its esteem, that the market is supplied the same products since years, that the universal design and production quality is not regarded at many of these products due to production systems, which didn’t change for ages, are out of date and far from the modern Technologies, has made a step with the resolution and sense to provide the rapid growing nargile sector in the world “products, which preserve the tradition, but comply with the modern times, and are qualitative and useful”.

Sultan Nargile, which started to work on this path by following the innovations in the world, has first made changes and innovations to hookah tube with the awareness that also the production technology needs to be modern as much as the aesthetical richness of the design.

It has manufactured hookah tubes with a complete new sense and technology instead of those which leaked air, contained odour and couldn’t be cleaned as these were manufactured by using yarn, wire, fabric and similar simple materials and materials like leather, cardboard, adhesive, which deteriorated unhealthy by time until then.

Sultan Nargile, which manufactures extreme hygienic, very qualitative, lasting glass and cooled hookah tubes with silicon material, which is accepted in the whole world and is being used in the food and health sector, has also introduced the market completely new designed, perfectly aesthetic nargile sets which he manufactures with qualitative materials and first class workmanship.

Whilst being one of the youngest members of this very old tradition; Sultan Nargile, which grew day by day though all challenges and became one of the most important brands in its field by its passion fort he sector, dynamism, its openness for innovations and idealist sense, honesty, disciplined work, sincerely thanks to all “nargile lovers” aware of the joy of life, who didn’t refrain to support it during this process.