Author - Ramazan Savaş


In order to enjoy smoking nargile, you primarily need to select a nargile with an easy draft. A difficult draft of a nargile can be weary for particularly new users and cause headache. Using a nargile with a “discharge valve“ is a very suitable mechanism in order to increase the smoking quality. There will be rancidity when the nargile should be burning during smoking and this might decrease the smoking quality and kill your joy. You can discharge the rancid [...]

History of Hookah

It has to be admitted that all information related to how, by whom nargile, one of the oldest and widespread traditions of the human history, was introduced really has to remain as an assumption. Though all told on this issue surely rely on historical facts, we think that the reality that all cultures it reached by time have added their own contribution and story and that it thus converted into a “myth” should never be disregarded. It is a fact [...]